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As a top Educational Consultancy in Uzbekistan, We’ve succeeded in helping our clients achieve big changes thanks to our extensive consulting services. Since 2004, We’ve provided clients with personalized attention and expert advice through some of their most complex challenges. See what our customers have to say, and get in touch with us today.

Client Reviews: Testimonials

Rustam A. Rahmatov

Product Manager, CEO & Founder of IMAN

    "Tagus helped me to make the right decision. No other educational consulting agency does what Tagus does: helps students to understand their educational goals and achieve them strategically. 

    Moreover, Suhrob aka and his colleagues became mentors rather consultants. I recommend every student out there to try visit Tagus. That was a lifechanging experience for me and same could happen to you. 

    Also, in my educational path I faced many challenges starting from financial and educational ending up with motivation lack. Tagus and their agents are your everyday helpdesk for every question you might have. I recommend ACCA for accountancy students because it provides hands-on experience and prepares a future professional for real-life scenario tasks, not just teach theoretical fundamentals. However, this is too general advice. Ask pros about it. Ask Tagus."


Afanasiy Li
Customer Experience, Business Operations, Program & Project Management (AUS)

    "Hello everyone! My name is Afanasiy Li. Recently I've arrived to Sydney to begin my MBA studies at Western Sydney University and all due to Tagus!

    Since the very beginning the staff of Tagus has been quite professional and thoughtful. Basicly, all you have to do is just to choose the university and the program you'd like to study and that's it. The rest of the work is totally under their control. However, always be cooperative and open-minded about your plans, this will definitely facilitate the whole process and save your time.

    I've trusted Tagus and it's absolutely worth it! Remember that the staff is always there to help you with any type of problems you might face with. Moreover, they're likely to look after you even after your departure, which is indeed comforting, especially if you're a complete stranger abroad.

    Don't hesitate and apply now!

    I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to Tagus team and wish them all the best!"


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