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As a top Educational+Consultant in Uzbekistan, we’ve succeeded in helping our clients achieve big changes thanks to our extensive consulting services. Since 2004, We’ve provided clients with personalized attention and expert advice through some of their most complex challenges. See what our customers have to say, and get in touch with us today.


"Suhrob aka and his colleagues became mentors rather consultants. I recommend every student out there to try visit Tagus. That was a lifechanging experience for me and same could happen to you"

Rustam A. Rahmatov

Product Manager, CEO & Founder of IMAN


"Tagus firmasi 100% ishonchli va eng muhimi o’z ishlariga mas’uliyat bilan yondashishadi. Studentlani holatidan kelib chiqib o’qishlani tavsiya qilishadi va qilayotgan ishlari sifatli. Keyin Tagus firmasini yana bir qulayligi, bu firmada hamma narsa onlayn va har bir talaba uchun yetarlicha vaxt ajratiladi."

Mirmukhsin Tursunov
MSc Business with Financial Management with Advanced Practice at Northumbria University (UK)

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"With Tagus, I have always had the confidence I needed, courtesy to detail skills and accountability as necessary to success on the ground. In other words, Tagus is a team I can always undoubtedly rely upon in due diligence, and I am sure that many people who worked with Tagus would have shared my thoughts."

Azizbek Kurbanov

Principal Fire Engineer at WSP (UK)

Need an extra push from a professional consultant? Contact us today and we’ll help get you back on track.

Our Services
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