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T&C. Tagus let's go study refund policy

Terms and Conditions of refund

Refunds / deferral Once you have paid your service fee it is non-refundable and non-transferable except if you are unable to get your visa or obtain an offer from a university/school/college or any other tuition provider due to any of the following circumstances:

  • a) in the unlikely event that your programme is cancelled; or

  • b) you apply in good time for your visa but it is granted too late for you to join your course (in this instance we would need proof of when your visa application was made and when it was granted)

  • c) if you apply for a visa with your University confirmation and your visa application is refused*; or

  • d) if you do not meet the conditions of your offer; or

  • e) if you have serious personal extenuating circumstances** which prevent you from studying overseas, e.g. in a serious case of illness.

*if your visa is refused, we will require you to provide your notification of refusal. You will be required to send a copy of the complete visa refusal documentation you have received from with your refund request form. Please note we will not refund the amount paid in the case of visa refusals which were made on the basis of fraudulent documents or misleading information. If you have had a prior Visa Refusal and have not disclosed this information to us then no refund will be issued.

** Refunds are at Tagus Let’s Go Study’s discretion and will only be given where Tagus Let’s Go Study is satisfied that there is evidence of serious personal extenuating circumstances. Please note that you may be eligible for a 3 day cancellation period, prior to your initial application appointment, where you are able to cancel the service and receive a refund.

Requesting a Deposit or Fee Refund

In any of the above circumstances, subject to Tagus Let’s Go Study’s terms and conditions, you would receive a full refund of the amount paid if that is Platinum package or partial refund if you book Bronze, Silver or Gold packages. To request a refund you would need to complete a Refund Form, attach the required documents and send it to the

All refund requests submitted where the student is not intending to study and has paid our service fee must be received no later than 3 days before initial application appointment. Refunds received after this date will be declined.

Circumstances where a deposit will not be refunded

Please read carefully In all other circumstances, including in the following situations, no refund of the deposit will be made:

  • If you do not apply for a visa;

  • If you decide to study at another institution or in another country;

  • If you decide not to study overseas;

  • If you submit fraudulent or misleading information in your applications All refunds will be made in USD. We will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of currency fluctuations or exchange rates. Refund requests that do not meet the criteria set out above but are perceived to be legitimate based on your perception will be reviewed and a decision made at the absolute discretion of our management. Non Student Route Visa You may defer enrolment for one relevant sitting, provided we have received written notification. If you wish to cancel our service after we lodged your application and prepared draft visa application form, refund requests will be reviewed and a decision made at the absolute discretion of our management. Fee liability is as laid out above: Please note that interruption to service requests will not be approved when the student is citing financial reasons. Students must have acceptable personal extenuating circumstances. The approval of any interruption to our service request will be made by the directors of Tagus Let’s Go Study in instances where a student has a credit balance on their account and has not restarted their study after twelve months from interruption, the credit balance will be forfeited to Tagus Let’s Go Study.

When we can refuse requests for deferrals

If you have already deferred your offer to study with our partner insitutions once, we may refuse your deferral request.

Additional Administration Charges We will charge you administration fees of: $100 (USD) for arranging permitted course deferral.

Tagus Let’s Go Study will make all reasonable efforts to inform you of any such changes as early as possible.

Withdrawal, Cancellation and changes to course The information provided is accurate at the time of distribution and Tagus Let’s Go Study will use all reasonable efforts to deliver the services as described. Tagus Let’s Go Study reserves the right to withdraw or change the programme included in your offer. These changes will only be made as a result of UK legal compliance, minimum student number requirements or for course validation reasons and applicants will be contacted by Tagus Let’s Go Study in the instance of these changes occurring. Changes to teaching sessions & examinations All reasonable steps will be taken by Tagus Let’s Go Study to provide educational services as described and to minimise any disruption to those services. However, Tagus Let’s Go Study reserves the right to postpone, relocate, re-structure or cancel any services, consultations, meetings, classes or other sessions or examinations due to the occurrence of any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control.

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Assalamu alaikum dear Sukhrab brother, I have been trying to contact Tagus team from last week unfortunately I couldn't, so if I buy 6-month Family visa$1,550.00 from without any explanation and disscusion, my application will start or not?

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